Monday, December 14, 2009


I won't be reviewing this one this week.... though I'd be many months overdue if I had to.
So just close this tab, close your laptop and make your way to your nearest CD store.YES Zal.... ITS OUT IN KL.

METRIC - Fantasies

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Something I dug up

To Night

Night is fairer to others,
Young lovers, under shelter,
Feet crossed under overcoats
Locked, eyes that refuse to part
Sharing what is true at heart.

Love? How is it such?
When their lips never touch?
Emotions that brave rough seas,
To meet sacred shores;
Tonight are all appeased.

The Moon peeks from between
storm-broken clouds,
casting shadows, that reveal
what many have, but few keep.

As they lie beside,
A unity of hands assure,
perhaps this is Truth, that
their souls would someday meet
with diamond halos.

Then again, how am I to know?
This love? That face?
Having never a chance when
Night chooses to reflect all,
But me

Tonight; alone once more,
I take a stroll on that moonlit bay;
The Moon's glow eludes me,
Denying me My Shadow.

by Low Weiyan (26 March 2008)

though I wrote this more than a year ago... I feel no different...
right... so I lied about not throwing personal shit on the space. Let me have this one please.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I won't be updating anytime soon following my work on a short film with Brad and Fei... BE BACK IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS.

oh, and a VERY Happy Birthday to perhaps the only person who knows of this blog's existence, Su Wan!

Before i abandon this space, an oldie from the 90's i first heard this when I was 7 or 8 and the song lived on to be a rarity that only a handful of radio stations played, and by handful i mean Radio 4 (Trax FM back in the day). A rather simple song, one you won't think much of in the long run but like a few songs out there, it's simplicity is what made it great.... or I'm getting desperate for human contact and I can't function properly... your guess is as good as mine... GOODNIGHT!